Beth Ann Carr has years of experience in media, marketing and management.  With a background in television producing, she has worked for broadcast stations throughout the United States, holding executive positions on both the creative and fiscal sides of management, and has been the principal in a communications consulting firm based in Washington State.

Bob Dahlin won a student Academy Award for his first short film.  He then wrote and directed Monster in the Closet with John Carradine, Stella Stevens and Howard Duff.  Based in Los Angeles and Chicago, he has worked as a 1st A.D. for Robert Altman, Norman Jewison, Jonathan Demme and other major directors.  He has worked on dozens of television series for ABC, NBC, CBS, LIFETIME, Warner Bros., HBO and Trimark Pictures, as well as several independent features.

Billy Higgins was the Executive Producer for The Perfect Man with Hilary Duff and Honey, starring Jessica Alba. He was recently line producer on Two For The Money, starring Al Pacino, and Proof, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Anthony Hopkins. His production management experience spans 20 years and includes the following films: The Game of Their Lives, Ali starring Will Smith, High Fidelity with John Cusak, and US/French/ British co-production The Straight Story with Sissy Spacek. He has worked with many veteran directors including Michael Mann and David Lynch.

Todd Norwood is Project Director of our Multimedia Story App Department as well as a writer/director with a number of films to his credit, including the feature films The Wayfarers, Blackwater Farm, and Tricks of a Woman staring Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos) and Natasha Lyonne  (Slums of Beverly Hills) which won Best Film at the Monaco Film Festival. His work in Web Series include Meet the Mayfarers, Bad Guy Guide, and The Salinger Spies.  His work can be found at:

Brenden Dannaher has a Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication-Film) from Macquarie University, Sydney. His first film as director, Under the Glass, was awarded Best Documentary at the 1996 National Student Film and Video Festival. Eloise, his first feature, won the prestigious jury prize at AUSFEST 2002, the Australian Digital and Video Film Festival. He has worked as a subtitle editor for Australia's SBS-TV for several years, during which time he has had the opportunity to study films and filmmaking techniques from all over the world. He currently has two feature films in development; a biopic of a prominent Australian woman, and The Witches' Coven, a horror film set in a Catholic college for young ladies. 

Linda Voorhees is an award winning writer with vast experience in the entertainment industry.  Credits include writing assignments and projects at the following studios:  ABC, CBS, NBC, TNT, USA, Disney Cable, Lifetime, Hollywood Pictures, Columbia, Paramount and Universal.  She wrote the TNT Movie of the week, Crazy from the Heart, (Ace and Emmy award nominations, Imagen award) and Two Mothers for Zachary (Vanessa Redgrave and Valerie Bertinelli).  As a student at UCLA, she won the Jack Nicholson award, and now teaches in the UCLA-MFA Film School.  Also a consultant, she is considered one of the pre-eminent experts on film structure in the industry.  Linda is a popular and frequent lecturer at Pixar University, working with the creative minds at Pixar Studios.  She has taught advanced screenwriting at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand and provided professional consultation for scripts in progress to be submitted to the National Film Commission of New Zealand.

Lindsay Chag has cast projects for both studio and independent film producers for the past 10 years. She has cast 29 feature films, five short films, and 22 television pilots and television movies to date. Casting has included actors Gene Hackman, Mel Brooks, Winona Ryder, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Diane Lane, Sam Shepherd, Randy Quaid, Mimi Rogers, Tippi Hedren, Dennis Hopper, Jason Alexander, James Gandolfini, Christian Slater, Selma Blair and Anthony Hopkins.
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