The company is based in both L.A. and Sydney, Australia, and NoHoPC 's principal is Patricia Payne.  Its parent company, Dorian Films, Inc. (principals Wilton Schiller and Patricia Payne), has a 30-year-history of creating successful US prime time drama, syndicated television drama, internationally-produced television miniseries and feature films.

NoHo Production Company develops and produces feature films, long-form television programs, documentaries and digital multimedia story apps for worldwide distribution.

    Our Focus:  Good stories with universal appeal.

    Our Emphasis:  Everything begins with a good script.

   Our Strength:  Experience teamed with innovation.

Noho Films, in association with Minton Investments Pty. Ltd., has created a new multimedia story app division, with its first app "For The Term Of His Natural Life" launched internationally May 2, 2013.